Young Living Oils Review – Is This A Worthwhile Business Opportunity?

Welcome to my Young Living Oils review

It is likely that one of your friend’s or family members has shared this fantastic opportunity called Young Living claiming that they make the best essential oils and natural products and that it is an easy way to earn lots of money by just sharing them within your social circle.

However, you first heard about Young Living, well done on taking the time to investigate this company for yourself before getting out your credit card.

Doing your own research is the best way to avoid getting hooked in by one of the many scams around and finding the best way to make money online.

Just to let you know I am not involved in selling or promoting Young Living products in any way whatsoever and am just sharing this review to give my opinion of this business opportunity.

So is Young Living a scam? Is it a company worth you getting involved in and can you make lots of money with them? Continue reading my Young Living Review to see if it helps you decide…


Young Living Oils review

Young Living Oils Review Summary

  • Product – Essential oils, beauty and wellness
  • Founder – D. Gary Young
  • Type of Business – MLM company
  • Cost – Initial cost from $45 – $260 plus minimum buying requirements to earn commissions.
  • Best For – Women
  • Rating – 60/100
  • Recommended – Probably Not

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What Is Young Living?

Young Living is a MLM wellness company that was founded in 1994 by D. Gary Young and his wife Mary Young, when they began using farmland to start cultivating different herbs and built their own essential oils distillery.

They went on to develop their own special Seed to Seal Process to preserve the potency of the essential oils throughout each of the production steps, to ensure the oils’ purity.

The Young Living company has grown over the years to become one of the biggest distributors of essential oils, paraphernalia and wellness products with farms around the world.

They have their head office in Utah, USA as well as offices in Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Singapore,

Young Living Product Line

  • Essential oils
  • Essential oil blends
  • Essential oil roll-ons
  • Massage oils
  • Essential oil collections
  • Essential oil tools
  • Essential oils accessories
  • Natural cleaning products
  • Natural oral care
  • Natural protection products
  • Natural home purification products
  • Mult-vitamins
  • Age based nutrition
  • Liquid wellness formula
  • Weight management supplements and snacks
  • Mobility supplements
  • Energy and stamina supplements
  • Body cleansing solutions
  • Anti-ageing products
  • Natural facial care
  • Natural body and bath products
  • Natural cosmetics



How To Make Money With Young Living

To start making money with Young Living you will first need to join as a member to become an independent distributor and purchase your initial starter kit.

Starter kit prices range from $45 to $260 though you are encouraged to buy the Premium Starter kit which is priced at $160.

If you take a look at what the basic starter kit contains you can see that it is really not worth investing in if you want to try to actually sell any of the Young Living products.

Once you have joined and bought your starter kit you can then buy any Young Living products at ‘wholesale prices’ or 24% off the retail price. There is a yearly requirement of buying products of at least $50 in value in order to qualify for these reduced prices.

Being an independent distributor will allow you to buy products to sell on to your family and friends, but if you wish to earn a commission cheque directly from Young Living, you have to also enroll in the “Essential Rewards” program to be eligible for an actual payment, plus you must also be buying at least $100 worth of products a month from Young Living.


Young Living Compensation Plan

So as I’ve mentioned above you can sell Young Living products to retail customers and earn 24% commissions but to earn the real money you need to continuously recruit as many people as possible into the Young Living organization.

  • When you start recruiting you will earn 25% (up to $200) of your referrals orders for the first 3 months plus $25 bonus if they buy a Premium Starter kit.
  • If your new referral goes on to recruit someone you will then be eligible for 10% of $80 worth of their orders for the initial 3 months
  • After the 3-month period you earn 8% of your personal recruits orders and 5% of their referrals.

Young Living states that their unilevel compensation plan is designed “to help you achieve abundance” and if you are really good at not only recruiting lots of new distributors, but also encouraging them to make orders then it does look like that it is possible to earn a lucrative income.

I could spend ages and write reams of text explaining how their unilevel compassion plan works, but I can’t explain it much simpler terms than in the video below.


What I Don’t Like About Young Living

Being an independent distributor who is part of the Essential Rewards program may well be a way to earn a little extra spending money, however if you want to be able to make enough money to live then you need to not only sell their products but also recruit others to do so as well.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

You will need to try to constantly recruit new people to join the company and then follow up pushing them to sell and make orders too.

Competitive Market

The Well Being niche and essential oils in general is a highly saturated niche market that has a lot of competition and by just promoting the Young Living company and their products you are limiting your possible earning potential.

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Limited Success Rate

Take a look at the Young Living Income Disclosure statement below to see just how little the majority of members are actually making from being part of the company. Plus did you notice that 94% of members are only distributors who have not achieved any promotion within the company.

Young Living has been around for 14 years now and I can pretty much bet that those who are making a decent living have been with the company for several years.

Young Living Income Disclosure

What I Like About Young Living

Young Living do have a pretty good range of products that covers many different uses of essential oils and natural products both for personal use and the home and their essential oils are of a high quality. Plus 24% commission for selling them at retail is a good mark up.

However, if I were to think about selling Young Living Products then I would do so by creating my own website and using them as just one of my income streams.

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Is Young Living A Scam?

No Young Living is definitely not a scam but like any MLM business it is not as simple as they make out to be able to earn a living online. The main emphasis for MLM companies for you to make money is to constantly recruit new members into your downline.

However, I do believe that you could make some money by selling the Young Living products as long as you learnt how to market yourself properly and also incorporated other related products.

Personally I prefer to stick with affiliate marketing as it involves no recruiting and no purchase of any products that I wish to promote, in fact it is free to get started.

Plus I like that the fact that I have the freedom to promote the products that I want to and am not tied down to a restrictive product list.

So while this is a legitimate business opportunity it is not one that I would recommend for trying to create a regular income…

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