What Is The Best Blog Post To Write To Help Increase Your Readership

Often newbies to content marketing ask “what is the best blog post to write to help increase your readership?” and there is no simple answer, as it really is all dependent on the niche that you are targeting.

However, there are a number of different ‘types’ of the best blog posts to write that can in fact help increase the amount of visitors that you get to your site who will read your content. Below I have created a list of 40 different blog post ideas that you can easily adapt to use in practically any niche.

Remember that most people browsing online are generally looking for something whether it be information about a particular topic, a solution to a problem or something to buy. See if you can utilize the below blog post type ideas to help people who are looking for certain things related to your niche.

what is the best blog post to increase readership

40 Best Blog Post Ideas To Increase Readership

  1. Lists – Everyone loves a list – 7 Reasons Why List Posts Will Always Work
  2. Tutorials – These can be just text and images, however podcasts and videos are even better to make.
  3. Webinars – Host a live webinar to put across something that will help your readers.
  4. Checklists – Easy to follow lists to help your readers follow important task easily and efficiently
  5. FAQ – Frequently Asked Question that your readers might ask.
  6. Statistics – Statistics related to your niche that your readers would find useful.
  7. Infographics – Share statistics or other information graphically
  8. Trending Topics – Writing about any hot of the press news is a great traffic booster – Google Alerts Is a great resource
  9. Informative Posts – Things that you readers may want to learn more about
  10. Definition Posts – Detailed Explanations of something – How many times have you searched “what is _____” online?
  11. Motivational & Inspirational – We all need a little boost every now and again so motivational posts are always popular
  12. Quotes – These can be combined with the above but you can include any types quotes that your readers would appreciate.
  13. Reviews – Whether it be software, gadgets, books or whatever other product that would be of interest to your readers.
  14. How To Posts – These can be general D.I.Y. tips, how to create a product or a recipe, or just tips to make something easier
  15. Case Studies – Research things related to your niche and write about your findings with cited sources.
  16. Interviews – With people who are or have achieved something relevant in your niche
  17. Guest Posts – From other influencers within your niche
  18. About You – Who you are and why you created your website – what you hope to achieve
  19. Inspirations – Share the things or people that really inspire you
  20. Meet The Team – Do you have a team of people that help you create things behind the scenes introduce them in a post.
  21. Contests/Giveaways – Let your readers know they have the chance of getting a freebie.
  22. Personal Story – Things that have happened to or affected you that your readers could relate to.
  23. Cheat Sheets Include things like tips, tricks or easy guides etc.
  24. Progress Posts – Write a post of how well a new project is coming along or how your fitness journey is going
  25. Portfolio/Share – Have you just finished creating something for yourself or a client – why not share your work with images
  26. Your Reading List – Do you read a lot of books related to your niche share them with a mini summary
  27. Updated Posts – Or writing style often changes over time or old posts may be outdated – Have you got posts you wrote a couple of years ago that could really do with an update
  28. Predictions – How well you think something is going to do or something that looks like it may well happen
  29. Quiz’s – Write a quiz that your readers would find fun or helpful to complete.
  30. Best’s Of – Compilations of the best of different products or resources from around the web.
  31. Resources – Things you have created or use regularly – For instance The Top Internet Marketing Tools That I Recommend
  32. Problem Solving – Give answers to common problems that your readers may have
  33. Experience – Do you have recently attended a relevant training session, webinar or conference share the highlights of it.
  34. Expert Panels – Ask different experts in your niche to comment on a particular topic and collate all the different responses
  35. The Survey Says – Create a survey to send to your email list and then write up your findings
  36. Challenges – Set your readers a challenge to complete something like follow a healthy eating plan or read so many books
  37. Events/Announcements – Things that will take place or a new product that has been released.
  38. Funny posts – Write about something that has happened in a comical way that will make your readers laugh
  39. I Wish I’d Known – Create a list of the ten things you wish you’d known before starting your blog.
  40. Beginner’s Guides – These can explain how to get started doing something related to your niche.  See my Beginners Guide to Making Money Online


40 best blog post ideas

Final Thoughts…

So if you are working hard towards building up your website traffic and find yourself wondering what is the best blog post to write to increase your readership I hope that you found this list of 40 best blog post ideas useful.

Read through them and think how you can use them in relation to your niche and they will probably also give you some inspiration for creating other types of post your next batch of content creation too.

If you have any question or would like to share any other great ideas to base a blog post on then please do write them in the comments box below as we’d love to read them too….

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