What Is DesignEvo – Is It An Online Logo Creator Worth Trying?

What is DesignEvo? – DesignEvo is a free online logo creator that boasts over 6,000 templates and claims that anyone can use it to make an outstanding unique logo for their business within minutes.

I am not an affiliate promoting this company, but I was recently approached by the DesignEvo team to ask if I would be willing to give this logo creator a test run and see what I thought of it.

I thought why not lets see if their software is a good as they claim it to be as it could be a great free tool for both myself and my readers to use.

Below is my review of what I thought of DesignEvo…

  • Product – Online Logo Creator
  • Owned By – Lin Xiao – CEO of PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd
  • Cost – Free option plus two paid memberships of $19.99 & $39.99
  • Best For – Any business needing a logo
  • Rating – 85/100
  • Recommended – Yes

DesignEvo Review

What Is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a relatively new product that was launched in September 2017 by the company PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd, which is a graphics software developing company founded in 2006. They have previously released graphic software products such as Picture Collage Maker, FotoJet and Pearl Mountain Image Convertor .

They created DesignEvo with the aim that anyone can create a professional looking logo, without having to use expensive software and advertise the fact that it is a ‘free logo maker’.

You can use the software to create a logo for your website or blog, social media profiles, business cards, invitations as well as to create branded products.

You have the option of downloading your logo in JPG, PNG, SVG and PDF files and it is also stored in DesignEvo’s cloud and accessible at any time to edit.


Design Evo Features

Templates – There are 5,000 preset logo templates within a wide range of different categories that are easy to search through by just entering your relevant keyword in the search box provided. Alternatively you can decide to create your logo from a blank canvas.

The categories available are:

  1. Abstract
  2. Attorney & Law
  3. Animal & Pet
  4. Art & Entertainment
  5. Agriculture
  6. Business & Consulting
  7. Brand
  8. Construction
  9. Children & Childcare
  10. Company
  11. Communication
  12. Club
  13. Car & Auto
  14. Environment & Green
  15. Education
  16. Food & Drink
  17. Fashion & Beauty
  18. Finance & Insurance
  19. Holiday & Special Occasion
  20. Industrial
  21. Letter
  22. Life
  23. Music
  24. Medical & Pharmaceutical
  25. Nature
  26. Non-Profit
  27. Restaurant
  28. Retail & Sale
  29. Religion
  30. Sports & Fitness
  31. Storage
  32. Science & Technology
  33. Transportation
  34. Travel & Hotel

Icons – Design Evo has a library of millions of different icons for you to choose from.

Shapes – A whole collection of assorted shapes

Colours – Variety of different colours or you can add your own colour code.

Fonts – Over 100 different fonts to choose from

online logo maker

Once you have chosen the template that you wish to use you are prompted to enter your logo name and slogan or tagline.

You then have the options to change all the different aspects of the logo if you wish and these features are very similar to if you were using Canva.

For the text you can change:

  • Style of font
  • Size of font
  • Colour of text
  • Bold/Itallic
  • Add effects
  • Adjust spacing

For the actual images you can:

  • Flip vertically or horizintally
  • Change opacity
  • Change the individual colours

You can also change the colour of the logo background and add or change the shapes or icons on your logo.

Tutorials – There are easy to understand step by step tutorials on the website to guide you through the whole process of creating your logo


Plus there is a YouTube tutorial video to watch – see below

DesignEvo Cost

DesignEvo is free to use as advertised however there are also two paid membership plans as well.

Free Membership Plan

  • Free to use the software but have to give credit to DesignEvo if you download the logo to use on your website or business products.
  • You DO NOT own the copyright of your logo
  • Downloadable in low-resolution JPG or PNG
  • Downloadable in high resolution files (JPG, PNG) up to 500px
  • No transparent PNG option
  • Logo is not ready to be used for printing
  • Limited edit and re- download options

Basic Membership Plan – $19.99

  • No need to give credit
  • You DO NOT own the copyright of your logo
  • Downloadable in low-resolution JPG or PNG
  • Downloadable in high resolution files (JPG, PNG) up to 5,000px
  • Transparent PNG option
  • Unlimited Edit and Re-download
  • Print Ready
  • Lifetime Support

Plus Membership – $39.99

  • No need to give credit
  • You own the copyright of your logo
  • Downloadable in low-resolution JPG or PNG
  • Downloadable in high resolution files (JPG, PNG) up to 5,000px
  • Transparent PNG option
  • Unlimited Edit and Re-download
  • Print Ready
  • Available in Vector files (PDF, SVG)
  • Can also download the font files
  • Lifetime Support


DesignEvo logo maker

Final Thoughts

I found that DesignEvo is a very easy to use software and pretty much anyone could create a unique professional looking logo for their business with it. The dashboard is simple to navigate and if you do get stuck there are the tutorials on the website, as well as the video on YouTube.

The software is indeed free to use and create your logo, however the free options are pretty limited and I especially do not like that you are obligated to give credit to DesignEvo whenever you use the logo, or the fact that you do not own the copyright of the logo. Plus if you use the free option you can really only use the logo on your online business properties as it is not print ready.

Saying that though to have your own unique business logo created by a professional would probably cost you at least the price of the Premium Membership and you do seem to have access to edit your logo and re-download as many times as you please.

If you are anything like me then you probably will end up downloading your first attempt and after seeing it on your website want to edit it slightly. so would need to invest in the Basic or Premium membership.

A professional looking unique logo is essential for any business and I do think that DesignEvo does offer a cost effective option that is well worth considering.

If you have any comments or questions about this review then please do leave them below as I’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, if you are just considering creating an online business then do click on the link below and have a read…

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