Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Skyrocket Your Traffic!

I started to use Tailwind for Pinterest just over two weeks ago and as a result I have already seen my Pinterest traffic skyrocket!

In this short amount of time, with the help of Tailwind I have managed to skyrocket the amount of monthly viewers to my pins, reaching over 12,000 and it’s continuing to steadily rise!


Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Skyrocket Your Traffic

This massive interest in my Pinterest profile has already resulted in the amount of traffic that is being driven to my main website rising as well. I use a few different social media platforms and Pinterest is already looking like it will be the best one for referral traffic.

It has only been a very short time that I have been focusing on Pinterest and Tailwind to drive traffic to my website but I am going to continue and if these trends persist I’ll be pretty happy!

As you can see from the image below 15 days ago I had only 1,198 monthly viewers for my Pinterest account and that has now increased to over 12,000! 🙂

Read on to see how easy it is to start to use Tailwind for Pinterest, so that you also can see an increase in your traffic too…



What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an automation software especially designed to help you easily share images from blogs and websites to either Pinterest and Instagram.

Using Tailwind for Pinterest is just like having your own virtual assistant, as it will automatically pin all your selected images on your chosen individual boards, at the times that you select plus constantly monitor how your overall Pinterest profile is performing.


Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Skyrocket Your Traffic


Getting Started

All you need to do to get started is sync your Pinterest account and install the Tailwind browser extension that allows you to easily schedule any images you come across while browsing the internet.

If you want to start pinning your website content then you should first make sure that your images are the optimal size for Pinterest, which is around 735 x 1102; and you can easily create your images with Canva if you haven’t already got them. Though you can pin smaller sized images they are a lot less effective for engagement and interaction and that is what you are aiming for.

You then start adding your pins to the Tailwind Publisher and you can easily just drag and drop individual images from your computer or do a bulk upload of images. Alternatively you can use the Tailwind ‘Pin It’ browser extension to add pins from content on your website.

Once you have your images uploaded just add the correct URL and pin description for each of the individual pin images, not forgetting to include the main relevant keywords. I find it easier to just take a piece of the meta-description that I used for the actual post that it relates to for my pin description.

Tailwind Drafts

Best Times To Pin

You obviously want your pins to be seen by as many people as possible and there is a lot of controversy on the web for the exact best times to pin, which can all get a bit confusing.

No need to stress though, as Tailwind has already created a number of ‘optimized time slots’ within your pinning schedule based on research into the different insights of Pinterest.

They look at the different trends for the topics that you pin about and then automatically generate the most effective times, that are likely to get you the most engagement.


pinning schedule


When you are ready you can start to schedule all your pins and you can choose to put them on one specific board or multiple ones.

If you choose to pin them on multiple boards all the is an interval scheduler at the bottom of the pin, so that you can choose different times for your pin to go to each of the boards you have chosen.

At this point you can also add your pins to any of the ‘Tribes’ that you belong to along with your own boards and group boards. Remember the more different places that you add your pin to the greater amount of people likely to see and interact with it.


schedule pins with Tailwind

The Power Of Tribes

Tailwind Tribes is a great tool that can help get your pins shared and seen by as many of the right people as possible, along with have a constant supply of relevant content that you can share on your boards.

You add your pins to the Tribe so the other members can then see them and then share to all the individual audiences. Tribes generally work on a ‘one for one’ basis, so for every pin you add to a Tribe you should also share one of the other members pins.


Tailwind tribes



Tailwind also provides you with a wide range of analytics allowing you to easily track the different trends of your Pinterest profile, though you can only access some of them during your free trial.

You can see easy to understand informational graphs of things like how many followers you have gained, the performance of each of your boards and which of your pins are getting the best results.

You can also integrate Google analytics to how many pins from your website have resulted in referral traffic along with the number of pages that they viewed.



A Great Combination To Boost Your Traffic.

According to a report from Omnicore there are 175 Million active monthly users on Pinterest and 93% of these said that they use the platform to plan for future purchases, plus over 5% of all referral traffic to individual pinners websites comes from Pinterest. You can read these statistics and other interesting Pinterest facts on Pinterest by the numbers.

Tailwind and Pinterest are a great combination that can help increase the visibility of your brand not only on the platform, but also across the web and therefore generate more traffic to your website. This rise in traffic will then hopefully lead to more regular viewers of your site and ultimately conversions and sales for your business.

I’ve had my Pinterest account for a while but it was only when I decided to take massive action in order to see if I could get anywhere near the results of the top performers, that I started to see my traffic skyrocket. I couldn’t of done it without using Tailwind and believe me once you try it you will also wonder how you ever survived without it.

If you haven’t started using Tailwind yet, you can sign up for a Free trial that allows you to explore all the great tools they offer and schedule up to 100 of your own pins on the boards of your choice.

Try It For Free Today!



Editors Note: This post was originally written on 20th May but was updated and re-published on 27th May to show the new awesome results for Healthy Diva on Pinterest

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