Free SEO And Keyword Research Tool

Are you looking for a SEO and keyword tool that can provide you with a constant flow of low competition but highly targeted keywords? Jaaxy have a great Starter membership where you can try out their awesome keyword research tool for absolutely free and at the same time check out all the cool features that the paid versions of this platform offers.

Seo and Keyword Research Tool
Jaaxy is a really powerful platform that incorporates results from the three main search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is constantly being improved upon and currently offers everything that you could need from your SEO and keyword research tool. For those of you that are wondering exactly what can you try out for today by signing up to the Free Starter Membership just keep on reading…

Keyword Searches

The Starter membership includes 30 individual keyword searches, each of which will provide you with 20 highly relevant keyword results‘ that include all the metrics you need in a SEO and keyword research tool, practically within seconds. Each of the results’ comes with all the metrics that you would want in your SEO and keyword research tool.

keyword search

Metrics You Want In a SEO and Keyword Research Tool

There are four main metrics that you want when looking for that perfect keyword for your next website in order to have a good chance of getting lots of lovely traffic.

Monthly Search

The average number of searches that your chosen keyword receives a month along with the estimated number of visits you can expect to your website if your page gets ranked on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo.


The KQI is how good your keyword is in regard to SEO and any PPC campaign that you may run and in Jaaxy is given as either POOR – GOOD or GREAT.


This is the ‘Quoted Search Results’ and is the number of other websites competing for the particular keyword that you have looked at and you want to aim for a QSR that is under 300, but the lower the better.

Going for a ‘low hanging fruit’ keyword that has a QSR under 100 is a good option especially for those of you with fairly new websites.
This basically generally means that the keyword gets less traffic but also has a lot less competition, so you will have more chance of your post being ranked higher in the search engines.

This is a cumulative score based on the competition and traffic estimations for the keyword that is between 1 and 100 and obviously the higher the number the better. These factors play a big part in whether or not the keyword is a good candidate for getting ranked on page one on the different search engines.

Keyword List Manager

As a free member you can create up to two keyword lists in which to save your keywords to and these can be easily downloaded in either CSV or Text format.

site rank tool

Site Rank Search

The Starter membership also allows you to do thirty site rank searches on the websites of your choice. All you need to enter is any keyword and URL of the website that you want to check and within seconds you can see where your page is ranked on the three main search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing plus if it has recently gone up or down in the rankings.

This is a really handy little tool to do some cheeky checking on your main competitors, to see how well they are performing within the different search engines.

Why not try Jaaxy SEO and Keyword Research Tool For free today – You have nothing to lose!

Alternatively if you want to find out more about the Jaaxy SEO and keyword research tool then have a read of why it is the perfect tool to give you the edge and the only one that you will ever need…