Top Social Media Platforms For Business

Social Media plays a huge part in practically everyone’s life these days and there is constantly an ever-increasing number of new platforms emerging online. Below I’ve listed fifteen of the top social media platforms at the moment followed by the ones that you should consider incorporating into your Social Media marketing strategy to increase traffic.

top social media platforms for business

Top Social Media Platforms

Facebook – connection and sharing platform

Twitter – online news and social sharing

Google+ – general social sharing network

Pinterest – photos, images and videos

Instagram – images, photos and videos

Tumblr – micro-blogging

Linkedin – Professional networking

SnapChat – multi-media messaging

Facebook Messenger – messaging app

What’sApp – another messenger app owned by Facebook

Wechat – popular Chinese multi-messaging site

Reddit – web content rating and discussion website.

Stumbleupon – sharing website pages, photos and videos

YouTube – video platform

Vine – video platform

Now let’s look at which are the top social media platforms for business, so that you can decide which ones you might want to start using on a regular basis.

If you are just starting out with social media marketing I would pick just a couple of them to try to master or else it will get a bit overwhelming and become very time-consuming.

social media marketing


Facebook has to be the most popular and busiest of the platforms out there with over 2 Billion users, of which at least at massive 1.4 Billion of them log in daily. Using Facebook is a great way to build your brand and connect with both your potential and existing customers.

Setting up your page is really easy and you can use it to share all sorts of things from your business such as pictures, videos, news updates, blogs and events.

Facebook provides a detailed analytics section on your page so that you can see how you are performing in all the different areas. They also offer an effective yet low cost marketing strategy where you can choose your desired audience and be totally in control of how much you spend.

To get the most out of Facebook you should be sharing to your page on a regular basis and it also a good idea to also include the sharing of other peoples content that is relevant to your audience.


Twitter is an awesome platform and it has a highly engaged audience with over 330 Million active users each month. The only problem with Twitter is the really fast turnover of tweets, so you do need a pretty large following to be able to get any sort of worthwhile reach.

The best way to use Twitter is to share your content on a regular basis, but also it is important that you make sure that you are liking and re-tweeting other users content consistently as well.

By getting into the habit of consistently tweeting your content and reacting to other users content you are seen as being an interactive user and this will result in new followers and other users liking and sharing your content that put out.

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Google+ is an another sharing platform but it is not as active as the others and you really do not get much traffic from there.

However as it is owned by Google it is a good idea to share all your latest posts as soon as you publish them, as this can help with getting all your new content indexed on Google.


Pinterest is actually more of a search engine than a social media platform even though over 200 million users are sharing their individual content on it each month. Using it is a great way to get your brand out there and noticed by potential customers.

Pinterest is primarily based around great created images, photos, gifs and videos and is therefore very effective for niches that have a lot of visual content such as recipes sites and travel blogs.

The main drawback with Pinterest is that it is very time-consuming to set-up as you need to create a number of interesting boards with a large selection of pins in order to get any followers, as well as pin and repin large amounts on a daily basis.

Plus you do need to spend the time creating the ‘right sized images’ along with an alluring text and include relevant keywords and hashtags if you want to get your pins shared.

If you are prepared to learn all the’ ins and outs’ of Pinterest and spend the time setting up and participating in this platform it can bring in huge amounts of traffic though.

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Instagram is another network owned by Facebook and is a very busy photo and video sharing network with over 500 Million users. Instagram is all about sharing life experiences on a daily basis and can be a powerful tool for getting your brand out there.

Using Instagram to get traffic involves creating unique posts and engaging with your audience on a regular basis. Make sure that you include several relevant hashtags so that your posts will be seen by those interested in your niche.

If you’d like to use Instagram as a strategy here’s a good article from Inc. on How Successful Brands Use Instagram For Marketing.


Tumblr was one of the biggest growing platforms last year with a 44% increase in users and is basically a micro-blogging platform that now has nearly 800 million users.

Members can post their own blogs and also follow other users in their chosen interests so that they see all the content that they share. It is definitely a platform that needs to be looked at especially if the amount of users keep growing at the rate they did last year.


top social media platforms



LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networking sites with over 400 Million users with around 260 million being active each month.

It can serve as the ideal platform to connect with different businesses and other
professionals in your field. Also, if you are looking to hire people with specific skills it can often be the right place to find your perfect candidates.


YouTube is the highly popular video-sharing social networking site that enables its users to upload and share videos for others users to view, comment on and like.

Another good aspect of YouTube is that it is also owned by Google so embedding YouTube videos in your blogs can help increase your rankings. And here is a great video from YouTube to help you get started

How To Make A YouTube Channel! (2018 Beginners Guide)


Final Thoughts…

I hope that you found this breakdown of the top social media platforms for business useful and that has given you a little better insight into which ones would be perfect for driving traffic to your website.

There are numerous different social media management tools available as well that can help you streamline your publishing schedule and keep track of all the performance analytics for each platform.

Are you already using Social Media as one of your marketing tools and have found another platform that I haven’t mentioned to be effective?

If you have any comments or questions about Social Media then please do leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can…


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