The Ultimate Bundle Deals – An Affiliate Product Selling Like Hot Cakes!

The Ultimate Bundle deals are an affiliate product that are selling like hot cakes and are suitable for all types of different niches to promote. The different bundles are great value for the purchaser who are getting some awesome digital products for a fraction of the retail price and as an affiliate you can earn some pretty nice commission.



What Are the Ultimate Bundle Deals?

Ultimate Bundles are a large curated collection of some of the best digital products related to a particular niche or topic and include eBooks, training guides, audio books, tools and much more.

They are each run for a limited time throughout the year and the length of time that they are available varies, as some are just a Flash Sale, which means they are only up for grabs for 2 days, whereas others are Evergreen so will be available to buy for at least a month.

The current Evergreen ones at the moment are based on the following niches Work from Home, Parenting and Home Made With Love.

Plus there is an absolutely awesome Ultimate Photography Flash Sale on the 18/19th June.

Other upcoming bundles coming up in 2018 are the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle , Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.

The Ultimate Bundles company was started by Stephanie Langford and Erin Odom, who back in 2012 released their first ever bundle to help fund a family trip. The bundle was supposed to be a one off deal, but they soon realized that they had a great product idea that they could build a thriving business around.

You can read more about How Ultimate Bundles Became A Big Business and listen to the podcast to hear how the pair started out and have since grown into a highly successful company.

The Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

The Ultimate Bundles affiliate program is free to join and is suitable for a wide range of niches to promote, with it you can earn 40% of the price of each bundle that your readers buy.

You will receive commission payments via PayPal on the 11th of the second month after the sale date, which means any sales you generate in June will be paid out on August 11th.

To join you just need to fill in a short questionnaire telling the Ultimate Bundles team a little about you and include your website details and social media profiles, along with the amount of traffic, subscribers and followers etc. that you have on each of them.

They does not seem to be a minimum amount of traffic that you need in order to be accepted, so if you are a new website owner don’t worry if your statistics are a little on the low side. You should still get a confirmation email not long after you submit the form with your log-in details.

If you haven’t got a website yet see my No.1 Recommendation for the best platform to build one on.



How Can You Promote Ultimate Bundles?

You can promote the bundles a number of different ways such as displaying banners, writing blog posts, email marketing, making videos and sharing on all your social media platforms.

If you are writing a post on your website you can do it either directly about the bundle itself or even better create a number of evergreen posts about related subjects and include the bundle details within them.

There is a dedicated section on the affiliate site with a whole host of marketing training and tools including a number of videos to help you. Included within this section is a downloadable PDF, which is an extensive guide for those who have never marketed a bundle before, that includes a number of great blogging examples for you to get inspiration from.

Plus in the lead up before each bundle is realized the Ultimate Bundles team offer specific training on the best way to promote that bundle to get the maximum amount of sales. For each bundle you get access to the full product list and a wide range of banners in different designs and sizes.

Also, an affiliate you have the opportunity to buy each Ultimate Bundle for yourself at a reduced price as soon as it is released.

The marketing strategy of those who are experienced Ultimate Bundles affiliates is pretty extensive, but there are a number of affiliates who are making some serious money by doing so.

All the tips and training are there for you to also utilse and as a beginner it is a little overwhelming to start. But there is also a dedicated Facebook group for all affiliates where you can get any extra help that you need.

The Ultimate Bundle Deals - An Affiliate Product Selling Like Hot Cakes!

Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Deals are a terrific affiliate product to promote and the great thing is that they are a perfect for so many different niches.

It is definitely a program well worth taking a look at if you haven’t already and if you do join then do spend a little time going through all the extensive training. These ladies know what it takes to produce a huge amount of sales and have shared all their tried and tested methods to help you also achieve maximum success.



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