The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit For 2018 Is Here For A Limited Time…

Oh my the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit for 2018 is finally here!

It’s easier now than ever to get started blogging as there are so many different types of tools and resources available to help you get started. The only problem is that a lot of this training and resources can be quite expensive or require a long-term commitment to be able to always have access to them. This is not the best solution for many newbies bloggers especially when you are not actually earning anything yet.

That is why I’m really excited to tell you all about this amazing value for money blogging resource from the Ultimate Bundles team The Genius Bloggers Toolkit for 2018.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

So grab a coffee and have a read through all the fantastic contents that this bundle has for you to learn all about starting a blog, creating compelling content that converts, staying productive, using social media and everything else you need to build a successful business that you’ll love…

What’s in The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit for 2018

This fantastic huge bundle of resources has 77 different digital products and includes 41 e-Courses and video training, 15 eBooks, 9 printable packs & workbooks, 5 templates, 5 stock photo packs, and 2 membership sites and even 7 extra bonuses.

The 2018 version of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit has 11 categories that contain all the different resources that you will need to help you create and build a successful blog that will earn you money in 2019 and well beyond..

  1. How To Start Blogging
  2. Learning All The Techie Stuff
  3. Move Over My Brand Has Arrived
  4. Growing Your Email List
  5. Content Creation
  6. Show Me The Money – Learn About Monetization
  7. How To Create Your Own Product
  8. The Power Of Social Media
  9. Step To Get Your Business Set-up
  10. How To Stay Productive
  11. Getting Community Support

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

How To Start Blogging

The getting started category has five different products including a blogging e-course to help you get started on your blogging journey the right way…

A Micro influencer Handbook – learn how to earn a living as a social media influence even when you only have a small following. By Chelsea Clarke (Value $250)

Blogcabulary Plus: The Ultimate Blogging Terminology, Reference, and Resource Book – Learn about all the different blogging terminology and resources that you can use by Nataly Llanes (Value $34.00)

Mom Blogging Mentor Bundle by McKinzie Bean (Value $47.00)

The Blogging Blueprint: Strategies for growing a successful blog and making money blogging – learn the different proven strategies that you can follow to help you grow a successful blog. By Tiffany Griffin (Value $149.00)

The Mommy Blogger Next Door – Stephanie O’Dea the New York Times best-selling author and blogger has written this great 70 page e-book for all those who are new or hesitant to become bloggers. By Stephanie O’Dea (Value $37.00)

Getting Started

Learning All The Techie Stuff

WordPress is by far the best platform to build your blog on and is really easy to use if you are shown how, this categories contents does just that and guides you though the use of analytics so that you can plot your progress.

Conquer Your Business Analytics: An excellent course for both Creatives and all you Non-Techies by Jenn Zellers (Value $97.00)

Crush CSS: Code School for Bloggers –learn how to design a beautiful blog by Marianne Manthey ($187.00)

SEO Site Audit – find out which areas of your blog could do with being improved so that you can see results quicker by bloggersSEO ($37)

WordPress Made Easy – A course designed for beginners to help you get your first website set up. By Amanda Creek ($47.00

WordPress Plugins Workshop for the Tech-Challenged Blogger- lots of in-depth video tutorials to guide you through the most useful WordPress plug-ins to use for your blog. By Deja’ Cronley ($15.00)

Design & Branding

Move Over My Brand Has Arrived

How to Build a Beautiful Blog: Graphic Design Building Blocks for Bloggers – Learn all about editing photos, designing a logo and all the other graphic design skills every blogger needs by Menucha Citron Ceder ($16.99)

Blog Photography: Learning Through the Lens – an easy to follow guide on photography by Jessica Cramer ($29.00)

The Editing Bundle: Learn Photoshop & Lightroom – Learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom to edit your photos by Stacie Vaughan & Randa Derkson (Value $138.00)

Busy Blogger Stock Photo Bundles – an awesome collection of high-quality stock photos to use on your blogs, social media posts and much more… By Elle Drouin ($75.00)

The Ultimate Styled Stock Photo Bundles for Female Entrepreneurs – three sets of styled stock photos to help you build up your brand. By Elley Charles ($89.00)

Growing Your Email List

Email Growth & Marketing Bootcamp – Learn how to grow and nurture your email list to grow your online income by Jennifer Roskamp ($247.00)

Grow Your Email List Using Pinterest – A PDF workbook to turn your viewers of your pins on Pinterest into loyal followers and email subscribers. By Kate Ahl ($37.00)

Igniting Your List Incentive – Easy ways to create awesome freebies as list incentives by Sue Dunlevie ($47.00)

Irresistible Email: The Art of Attracting, Captivating, and Nurturing Your Tribe of Raving Fans –great course to show you how to grow an awesome email list. By Ruth Soukup ($297.00) .

Opt In Resource: 23 Templates With Video Instructions – Everything you need to create alluring opt ins for your blog. By Saira Perl ($30.00)

The Complete Guide to ConvertKit
by Sarah Eggers ($59.00)

List Growth

Content Creation

Just Start Podcasting – Everything that a beginner to podcasting needs to help grow your audience by Kim Anderson ($97.00)

The One Hour Content Plan: The Solopreneur’s Guide to a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 60 Minutes and Creating Content That Sells and Hooks by Meera Kothand ($3.99)

Write Well – Easy to follow writing guide by Rachelle Rea Cobb ($2.99)

YouTube Made Simple Quickstart: Growing Your Blog and BusinessLearn all about using YouTube with these easy to follow lessons. By Tasha & Joseph Cochran ($97.00)

Show Me The Money – Learn About Monetization

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: Everything You’re Missing – How to create blog posts with affiliate links that actually convert. By Carly Campbell ($79.00)
  • Holiday Blogger Bootcamp: Maximize Your Earnings for Every Holiday & All Year by Caroline Vencil ($47.00)
  • How To SMASH Affiliate Marketing as a UK Blogger by Emma Drew ($75.00)
  • The Little Black Book of Affiliate Programs for Bloggers – Over 100 profitable affiliate programs and the best strategies to use for them. By Candis Hidalgo ($47.00)

Brand Partnerships

  • Bloggers & Brands by Shannon Acheson ($19.95)
  • How To Work With Brands (& Make Money) by Jessica Festa ($249.00)
  • Media Kit Creation Masterclass by Katie Hornor ($99.00)


How To Create Your Own Product

Blogger to Author: Turn Your Content into a Book by Beth Brombosz ($5.99)

Craft Your Brilliant Webinar by Beth Anne Schwamberger ($97.00)

eBook by Number by Suzi Whitford ($97.00)

Canva Templates:

  • Editable Canva Template: Workbook by Kara Fidd ($27.00)
  • Editable Canva Template: Yearly Planner by Kara Fidd ($27.00)

How to Create Your Own Printables by Laura Smith ($97.00)

Sales Page Anatomy – Super easy and effective sales page template to use over and over again! by Lindsay Maloney ($97.00)

The Profitable Genius + Facebook Ads for Email List Growth – Create your first digital product with a bonus course on Facebook ads. By Aja McClanahan ($199.00)

Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify That Make the Most Money by Sarah Titus ($47.00)

Your Wildly Profitable Sales Page: The Proven Formula For Crafting A Sales Page That Converts Like Crazy & Turns Your E-Course Into Your Cash Machine by Ruth Hinds ($127.00)

Social Media

The Power Of Social Media

Even if you are a complete novice you can learn how to use the power of social media to your advantage, with these awesome resources that alone are worth over $1,000!

Hashtag PRO: Secret Super Power to attract the RIGHT Customers Right Now
by Jennifer Priest ($149.00)

Streamline Your Social: How to Make the Most of Your Time on Social Media
by Tonia Kendrick($97.00)

FacebookLearn how to go live on Facebook like a pro!

  • Facebook Live Strategies Masterclass – by Crystal Paine ($17.00)
  • Rock Your Live: Taking You From Page to Stage by Abby Rike Rockenbaugh ($37.00)

 Pinterest – Using Pinterest to grow your blog traffic and grow your income with this awesome mini-bundle!

  • Get Paid to Pin: How to Make Money on Pinterest by Coco Dale ($19.00)
  • Manual Pinning Organization with Trello by Elizabeth Gidley($29.00)
  • Master Pinterest Keywords Tracking Spreadsheet & Training by Lena Gott ($47.00)
  • Pin Practical Boost: Your 101 Quick Start Guide to Pinterest Ads! by Monica Froese($97.00)
  • Pinning for Profit: Profit from your Passion by Jennifer Dawn ($497.00)
  • Pinterest for Bloggers & Business by LeeAnn Fox ($47.00)
  • Pinterest for Business byCorey Hudson ($39.99)
  • Pinterest Hashtag Database and Printable Guide to Hashtags by Kimi Kinsey ($45.00)
  • Tailwind: Pinterest Scheduler and Marketing Tool by Anastasia Gutnikova ($37.00)

 pinterest bundle



Whew!!! – Plus there are a whole range of different resources to help you get your business set-up, understand all the legal stuff and use your time effectively and productively as possible.

Finally there are two awesome memberships included to help support you when starting your blogging journey…

  1. 6 month membership for The Blogging Business Club: Online Membership & Community for Ambitious Female Bloggers by Allison Lindstrom (Value $150.00)
  2. 3 month subscription to the The Blog Happy Club: A Digital Monthly Subscription Designed to Make Your Blog-Life a lot easier and more fun! by Tanya Peterson (Value $51.00)


The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2018

The Genuis Blogger’s Toolkit For 2018 Round-up

  1. How To Start Blogging – 5 Products with a value of $517
  2. Learning All The Techie Stuff – 5 products value of $383
  3. Move Over My Brand Has Arrived – 5 Products with a value of $347.99
  4. Growing Your Email List – 6 Products Valued at $717
  5. Content Creation – 4 Products valued at $200.98
  6. Show Me The Money – Learn About Monetization – 7 products valued at $615.95
  7. How To Create Your Own Products – 11 products with a value of $835.99
  8. The Power Of Social Media – 13 products valued at $1,157.99
  9. Step To Get Your Business Set-up – 8 Products with a value of $347.98
  10. How To Stay Productive – 9 products valued at $490
  11. Getting Community Support – 2 Products valued at $201

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

Plus 7 Awesome Free bonuses

  1. 2-month Unlimited Subscription from Stencil – (Only on 10th & 11th)
  2. 3 months subscription to Podia
  3. 2 months subscription to Convert Kit
  4. 3 months subscription to Tailwind
  5. A Site Scan + Content Audit Statistical Report from The Blog Fixer
  6. 2-month Membership from Scribd
  7. A Premium WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop

The Genius Blogger’s toolkit is worth a whopping $5,867.88

 You can get it from 10th-15th October

For a massive 98% off at the giveaway price of only $97!!!

Or if you can choose the option that also includes a set of PDF cheat sheets for every eBook eCourse included within the bundle. These sheets make it really easy to review the entire contents of this huge bundle, so that you can quickly delve into it and find the bits that are most relevant for your needs. (The bundle plus option is $147.)

So why not go and take a deeper look at all these awesome resources that can help you start building a successful blogging business that could support you and your family for years to come…

This year's most up-to-date collection of blogging resources at a no-brainer price.

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