Review of Surpay – Is This Survey Site A Scam?

Today while browsing through my Facebook feed I came across an advertisement for a new survey site which claimed you could easily make extra $$$ by completing quick and simple surveys.

So as I’m always interested in new money making opportunities, I decided to investigate and at first glance the site did look fairly legitimate, however as I delved deeper I formed a completely different opinion.

Here is my review of Surpay site to make you aware of the fact that there is yet another new scam survey site now online and to let you know not to bother wasting your time on it.

Surpay Overview

Name : Surpay Website:
Price: Free to join
Owners: Real name unknown
Affiliate Program: Yes

Surpay Product Overview

Surpay is a website that is completely free to join and pays you to complete surveys online.

It seems to be a fairly new site that has only been online for just a couple of months as the time of writing this review.

The real name of the site owner is unknown however during my investigation I found out that the owner of the Surpay website has the user name ‘johnjolie’ on several other sites.

The site is open to registration from people in all countries and they state that their members can easily earn $50 a day and up to $1500 a month.

They state that you can request an instant payment once you have earned $50 and that payment can be received via several methods including PayPal, Payoneer, Bank wire, Payza and Western Union.

not recommended

The Good & the Bad

So after coming across this website for the first time I did join up and take some time looking around in order to fully investigate it and see what the pros and cons were. Here are my findings…

The Good

It is completely free to join Surpay.

There is an initial choice of nine surveys all of which are on topics that anyone could easily complete and the amounts you can earn for each one range from $5.00 – $8.00.

The first survey did only take a minute or so to complete and resulted in $5.50 earnings.



The Bad

When you have completed your first survey you are taken to your dashboard that shows you your earnings so far.

To complete more surveys you need to click on either ‘More Surveys’ or ‘Special Surveys’ in the side menu and this is where the scam aspect unfolds.

When you click on the ‘More Surveys‘ section to complete another survey you will see that they are all locked.

The only way you can unlock one to be able to complete the survey and earn the money is to ‘invite friends’ to join the site. The amount of people you need to refer varies depending on how much the survey is worth and the average is 7-8.

So basically you need to spam Social Media sites to get other people to join before you can complete more surveys to earn enough money to cash out.

However, they do have an affiliate program and you do earn $0.02 for every person you recruit

When you click on ‘Special Surveys‘ it looks like you have the option of some really high paying surveys.

However, when you click on any of these you are redirected to another site.

There are two different sites you are taken to depending on which survey you click and these are the well-known scam sites ‘’ and ‘’


My Final Opinion of Surpay

Surpay is a website that is totally free to join and pays you to complete surveys, however it is basically nothing more than a ‘bridge website’ built by someone with the user name ‘JohnJolie’ to try to get people to join two other websites that are well-known as being scam sites.

The only way that the user can earn any money is to either join these sites as well or spam the social media channels with their referral link.

Also, if you consider that it only took me a minute to supposedly make $5.50 on this site, then you would assume that if you took ten of these surveys you could earn $55 in 10- 15 minutes.

If this was really the case then everyone would be getting rich just by taking simple surveys! I’m sure you can earn some money by taking part in surveys on certain reputable sites but I very much doubt that you will earn $5 a minute!

In my opinion this is definitely a Scam site that you should stay well away from it!

Overview of Product

Product Name : Surpay – Free Paid Surveys
Price: Free to join
Owners: Real name unknown (user name John Jolie)
Overall Rating: 0 out of 100 – SCAM ALERT!

Have you had any experience with Surpay or any of the other many survey sites that are available for you to join online? When you do and would like to share them, or have any comments or questions then please just leave them below and I’ll get back to you…


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