Jaaxy – Seo and Keyword Research Tool To Give You The Edge.

There are over 500 million new keywords searched for every single day and Jaaxy offers accurate and helpful keyword suggestions. But that’s not all this tool offers and there is so much more valuable data that you can obtain from it, making it one of the best SEO and keyword research tools available today.

The recently upgraded Jaaxy platform is now faster and even easier to navigate than ever and pulls all its comprehensive results and data from the three leading search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This means that all the search results for your queries are coming from 99.7% of all searches performed online.

search engines

Jaaxy has been described as the ‘Swiss army tool of keyword research’ and if you take the time to try out all the valuable different features you will soon realize why.

Keyword Research

Whenever you perform keyword research the main things you need to consider are:

  • How much traffic does the keyword get each month
  • How much competition does the keyword have from other websites
  • Does your keyword make sense – is it grammatically correct

Jaaxy uses sophisticated algorithms and provides you with all the relevant data to help you discover the most effective and relevant keywords to use.

For each keyword you perform a search for you get the following data and if you have a fairly new website you want to look for keywords that have Traffic of 100 or more and Competition of 100 or less.

  • Ave – Average amount of traffic the keyword gets
  • Traffic – The amount of monthly traffic
  • QSR – (Quoted Search Results) – The amount of Competition from other websites
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator – whether it is a good keyword to use based on all the different metrics
  • SEO – A calculation of metrics to show you how likely it will be to rank with the keyword

search results


Related Search Terms – There is also a column to the right of your results called ‘Related Search Terms’ which gives you an additional 29 related search results to look into, helping you to come up with even more new ideas for your niche.

Plus you also have the option to do a ‘threaded’ multiple tab search to increase your efficiency even more.

Easily Manage Your Lists – Jaaxy also has an efficient Keyword Management feature where you save and manage all your keyword research with the options of sharing and exporting lists available too.



Niche Research Tools

Alphabet Soup Technique

The alphabet soup technique is a popular alphabetically related keyword research technique that is normally carried out with the Google search feature though can be time-consuming.

The Jaaxy platform has made it so much easier and efficient for you to do this technique by automating it, so you can now get 100’s of possible results with just one search in minutes.

How to find new keywords content ideas using the alphabet soup technique


Brainstorm Feature

Brainstorm is a great power searching tool for new content ideas that shows you all the latest trending topics based on Google trends, Alexa topics, Amazon bestsellers and Twitter trends.

Discover New Niches Ideas

Looking to start a new website and not sure which direction to go in, you can easily discover brand new niche ideas in seconds.

Affiliate Program Finder

Find all the available affiliate programs related to whichever niche you have chosen to pursue, so that you can sign up for them and start earning commissions by promoting their products.

affiliate programs


Your Rank and Your Competition

You can get comprehensive data to see how well your website is currently ranking in search engines both as a domain and for each of the keywords you have used.

Plus you can track your progress with the historical tracking data using simple graphs that show how well your website has performed and all the adjustments in rankings over time.

graphs to show progression


Spy on your Competitors

We all want to know how well we are performing compared to other websites and Jaaxy can give you all the information you need to help give you the edge over your competitors.

Not only can it show you how well your competition is doing too but also exactly which specific factors are contributing to their results.

spy on competitors


Domains – The Online Real Estate

Buying up the right type of domains can be a great investment and can be just as profitable as buying up real estate in the offline world.

Jaaxy provides you with the data to show you which domains are available for any keyword entered and an average search can easily unveil many high traffic and valuable domains.

You could then purchase any of the available domains and soon be building up a very lucrative domain portfolio.

domain search



Below are the different price plans for Jaaxy:

The Free Trial is a great option so that you can see the power of the tools this platform offers for yourself.

Pro Membership – $49.00 per month

This is the perfect option for all that are starting out with new websites, or are on a budget as Pro membership can offer them access to every tool that they need.

Enterprise Membership – $99.00 per month

Designed for the website owners who want access to as many tools as possible and don’t want to waste any of their time getting the results they are after.

Below you can see the different features available for each type of price plan available.

Jaaxy price plans

Final Words

As you can see Jaaxy is truly a really powerful SEO and keyword research tool which would could greatly benefit your online business.

It is the perfect partner for all your market research as not only can you quickly find a huge amount of high quality keywords for all your campaigns.

You can also track your own progress plus have access to all the data relating to all of your competitors helping you get ahead in the game.

You not only have the ‘Keyword Management Feature’ but there is also a ‘Search’ option where you can see all the different types of research that you have performed since you joined.

Plus you can find great new niche ideas and have instant access to lists of relevant money-making affiliate programs.

Last but no means least you even have the opportunity to start building your own lucrative domain portfolio

So why not enter your search term in the box below to find some great keywords today.

If you have any questions about Jaaxy or would like to leave a comment please do below and I’ll get right back to you.

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8 Responses

  1. Jack Taylor says:

    I have a few keyword tools in my toolbox along with Google’s Keyword Planner. However, Jaaxy is my favorite keyword tool by far.

    The key to keyword research is finding keywords that you can easily rank for. This is especially important for new websites that are trying to establish themselves.

    It’s very important to understand keyword research. Once you know what you’re doing, Jaaxy takes care of the rest for you.

    I highly recommend the Jaaxy keyword tool. It makes success much more easier to attain!


    • Independent Diva says:

      Hi Jack,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      It’s really good to hear that you are already a regular user of Jaaxy as it is an awesome tool that can help you with all your Seo and keyword research.

      Best of luck in your online business

  2. Dan says:

    Jaxxy is a potent tool for any beginner in online marketing. Everything is spelled out letter by letter and the purpose of each function is fully laid out and easy to understand. When you bring out a program like this, the novices have a chance to jump right in and learn keyword research the right way.

    • Independent Diva says:

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your comment, Yes I totally agree even total newbies can have success with the SEO and keyword research tools at Jaaxy.

  3. Andrew G says:

    If I must say wow! I will have to check back into the Jaxx program because I must’ve missed that somehow. To provide all this additional tools for research including competitors and what they are actually doing that is amazing. Good work on your post as usual of course too thank you

    • Independent Diva says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m pleased that I’ve got you to take another look at Jaaxy.

      The owners did an upgrade in September and now the new improved Jaaxy is definitely one of the best SEO and keyword research tools out there!

  4. Jacob Schilling says:

    I absolutely love Jaaxy. There is just so much you can do with it. Find low competition keywords, and get free traffic. I think one of Jaaxy’s most unique features is not only the ability to see where you rank for certain keywords but also the ability to see where your competition ranks for keywords. You find your competitions rankings by using putting their website in the site rank function of Jaaxy.

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