Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money? – Why It’s My Choice…

You can join the Wealthy Affiliate platform as a Free Starter Member and get access to a huge amount of useful resources for life, without ever paying a penny! So you may well wonder is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money if you decided to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

Below I what to share with you what you automatically get as a Free Starter Member and the reasons why Premium Membership is my choice…

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

After extensive research of all the different training and support available online, I decided to join this platform as a Free Member in August 2016, to take a good look at what they had to offer me.

Within just a few days of exploring all their different resources I knew that it was the perfect place for me to learn everything that I needed in order to earn a regular online income. Plus, just as importantly be able to get the expert help and support when I needed it!

So without further hesitation I upgraded to the monthly Premium Membership plan and later that year even changed to the yearly membership plan; in order to get all the awesome added benefits that this program offers for less than $1 a day!

Read on to see how the Wealthy Affiliate platform can benefit you…



What Do You Get As A Free Starter Member?

As I’ve already mentioned it is totally free to join Wealthy Affiliate and below are the great resources that you can get access to today when you join as a Free Starter Member.

  • Two Free Websites – with an easy to use Site Builder
  • Secure Site Hosting
  • Website Back-up

SiteRubix - Website builder


  • Online Entrepreneur Certification CourseLevel One

Level 1 course benefits


  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool 



site content


Plus You Also Get:

  • Access to Two of the many Training Classrooms
  • Live Help from a huge community via Live Chat, Private Messaging and Q&A sessions
  • One on One Coaching – I’m here to help you!
  • The Ability To Earn While You Learn


As you can see there are many reasons to join as a Free Starter Member today but remember to be successful you do need to commit your time. All the resources you need are there and to take full advantage you do have to be willing to learn, ask questions and take action!

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is My Choice!

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money

I have already gained so much from being a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2016 as it had enabled me to learn so many useful new skills; which have resulted in me not only being able to build several different websites for myself, but also get other well paid work online as well.

When my membership was last coming up for renewal, I decided to take another look at what the program offered me as a Premium Member and assess whether I thought I could still benefit from it.

Below are the main reasons that I consider Wealthy Affiliate well worth the financial outlay for my yearly membership subscription.


success with Wealthy Affiliate

Extensive Training Resources

There is an immense amount of training available at Wealthy Affiliate that has either been created by the owners Kyle and Carson or one of the many talented members.

The platform is easy to navigate and as a Premium member you have access to practically everything you could ever need all in one place.

Training resources - Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?


Below are brief outlines of all the different training resources availableat Wealthy Affiliate:

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Including the level 1 Course, there are a total of five Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses and the five are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money!
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Level two to five are very detailed courses that take you through all the different aspects of making money online. There are numerous tasks for you to complete that will help you to move forward with your website and start to earn money.

Level 3 – Making Money

Level 3 - Making Money


The Online Entrepreneur Certification course is designed to teach anyone including even a total novice how to build a successful business around a subject or topic that they are passionate about.

The course has five different progressive levels and extensively covers a wide range of subjects such as creating your first website, content creation, keywords and how to get maximum organic traffic, how to make money with your website along with Social Media engagement explained.

It is a thorough course and is well worth working through a couple of times or referring back to as it is regularly updated with useful information.

The online entrepreneur certification is the first course that new members go through and can also offer some valuable insights for the more experienced internet marketer.

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp is primarily designed to teach WA members how to build a lucrative business around promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program, though it does have a wealth of information that would prove to be valuable to anyone interested in any other type of affiliate marketing.

The Bootcamp is divided into seven progressive phases that cover absolutely everything you need from creating your initial brand to running a highly successful PPC campaign.

Affiliate Bootcamp


There are a number of different interactive classrooms that cover a variety of topics such as keyword, niche and market research, everything WordPress related, writing content, website development, search engine optimization, local, video and email marketing and pay per click advertising.

These classrooms are not only an awesome source of training material but also a great place to ask any topic relevant questions and get involved in on-going dialogues.


Weekly Live Video Training

This probably has to be one of my favourite training resources at Wealthy Affiliate, as every week there is a live video training class hosted by Jay.

This guy is truly amazing and not only has a vast knowledge of practically everything related to internet marketing but also puts it across it an easy to understand way.

Once a week he covers a different aspect from a wealth of topics such as SEO, branding, increasing website traffic, affiliate marketing and PPC to name a few…

21 minute ranking method in 7 steps


As a Premium member you also have access to a huge library of around 300 replays to watch if you have either missed a live session, or just want to go over it again to take notes of the valuable pointers he provides.

So when you are asking yourself “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?” – think about where else you would find such a diverse amount of training all ‘under one roof’.

Active Community

Wealthy Affiliate has a massive community with over 800,000 members from 195 different countries and diverse walks of life. Many of these members also have expertise in a variety of fields such as website development, coding, marketing along with all sorts of other subjects.

No matter what time zone you are in there is always someone who is available to help you out when you need it and you can get assistance either via Private messagingLive Chat or by asking a question on the Live Questions and Answers boards.

As already mentioned a large number of these members create specific training to help others and many also write useful blogs on a variety of topics. Therefore, being part of such a large community that has such an array of knowledge you can help you to learn so much as well as getting unlimited support

Wealthy Affiliate community

Another great aspect of being a Premium member  is that you have private access to both Kyle and Carson whenever you need them.

These guys were successful in the internet marketing world well before they started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and not only really know their stuff, but genuinely want to help every member succeed.

Check out this post by one of our members who met them both when he was invited to the yearly Vegas conference.


Huge Hosting Plan

As an internet marketer you cannot expect to have any success without owning at least one website and as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate you have included in your membership exclusive hosting for up to 25 Personal Domains and 25 Free websites.

There are numerous members who are running millionaire dollar businesses using their websites hosted at WA.

The hosting provided is fast, secure and reliable plus all websites have a free SSL certificate and there is an awesome 24/7 technical support team in case you need them.

That’s not all, the owners of WA are constantly striving to deliver the ‘Fastest WordPress hosting in the World’ and as a Premium member you automatically get a sophisticated website security package for all your websites, no matter how many you have, along with a detailed website analysis.

When considering is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money look at the cost of hosting 25 of your own personal domains with another hosting provider, along with all the added speed and security benefits included at WA.



Includes Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Last but by no means least one huge thing to consider when asking is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money is the fact that the Jaaxy keyword tool is now integrated into the WA platform.

Proper keyword research is vital if you want to be able to get all your content ranked well within the search engines. Members have always had a free keyword tool included in the platform but the Jaaxy SEO and keyword research tool really is in a league of its own.

Jaaxy seo and keword research tool

As a Premium member at WA you automatically qualify for the newly Jaaxy Lite membership which enables you to do unlimited keyword searches with 25 results generated from each search plus you can save up to 25 individual keyword lists. You also get 100 site rank scans per month along with another load of great features.

If this isn’t enough for you need  you also get a massive 60% discount if you wish to upgrade to Jaaxy Pro which is on par with the SEMrush keyword tool.


 Awesome Affiliate Program

As internet marketers we are always looking for good affiliate programs to promote and Wealthy Affiliate has an absolutely excellent one. Not only can you earn a massive 50% commissions but they are also recurring.

Plus not only is there a dedicated training program to teach members step by step how to create their own website and everything else they need in order to successfully promote the program, but this year Kyle has sparked the ‘Super Affiliate’ movement and there have been a number of awesome mentoring groups created to help members in their efforts.

Last but by no means least every single member who promotes the Wealthy Affiliate program gets a chance to qualify for an all inclusive trip to Vegas.  All you have to do is get 300 sales to qualify for your invite and no matter where you live your trip will be fully paid for  …

 Fancy A Fully Paid Trip To Vegas?

las vegas- wealthy affiliate

So Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

As you can see  being a Premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform provides you with an abundance of constantly updated useful training. You have constant access to an ever growing helpful and knowledgeable community.  As much hosting as you could ever need, an absolutely superb keyword tool plus an awesome affiliate program.

The Premium membership costs only $49 per month, but if you take advantage of the yearly offer this drops to $359 per year. While $359 may seem a large amount of money to invest if you break this down its actually less than $30 per month – That’s less than $1 a day! – less than the price of a cup of coffee..

So when I asked myself “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?” – my answer was a definite YES! 
From being a member of this awesome platform I have learnt so much about how to create a regular income online and this has given me the freedom to work wherever I want and choose the hours that are best for me.

Why don’t you come and take a look by joining as a Free Starter member, if you do decide to upgrade you will get you first month as a Premium Member for the special price of only $19.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside and if you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to ask…


Editors Note: This post was originally written Jan 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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