Is Scentsy A Scam? – Or Can Sharing Fragrance Change Your Life?

Welcome to my Scentsy Review

It is likely that you have heard of the Scentsy company or used their products and perhaps one of your friend’s or family members has approached you to has share the Scentsy business opportunity, saying it is a fantastic way to earn a lucrative income.

However, you first heard about Scentsy, congratulations on taking the time to investigate this company for yourself before deciding to join their ranks. That is the best way to avoid wasting time on one of the many scams around and also being able to find a legitimate way to make money online.

Scentsy claims on their website that their Consultants can earn extra income and all-expenses paid trips, so that they can get to travel the world just by selling the Scentsy products.

I decided to find out more about this company and their claims and below is my review to give my opinion of this business opportunity.

So is Scentsy A Scam? – Or can sharing fragrances really change your life for the better? Have a read of my Scentsy Review below to help you decide…

Scentsy review


Scentsy Review Summary

  • Product – Scented wax, wax warmers, fragranced personal & household products.
  • Founder – Heidi & Orville Thompson
  • Type of Business – Direct Selling & MLM company
  • Cost – $49 or $99
  • Best For – Ladies who like party planning
  • Rating – 85/100
  • Recommended – Products – Yes but Business Opportunity – No

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What Is Scentsy?

Scentsy was started back in 2004 by Heidi & Orville Thompson, who were then just selling scented wickless candles and decorative warmers. It has since grown into an international business with a wide range of products, that is based out of Idaho, USA.

Scentsy say that their core values are ‘Simplicity, Authenticity & Generosity’ and they have also created the ‘Scentsy Family Foundation program’ through which they have donated over $10,000,000 in scholarships, charitable cause products and direct donations.

Scentsy is primarily sold through direct selling which means products are sold through ‘party planning’ and word of mouth. However, Scentsy also operates as a MLM business as ‘Scentsy Consultants’ are encouraged to recruit new distributors into the company and then earn a commission from their sales too.

Scentsy Product Line

The Scentsy product range is pretty extensive and covers fragranced products for both cleaning and to use around the home as well as things that would be ideal gifts for everyone including children. Below is just a broad example of the different categories of products available.

  • Scented Wax
  • Wax Warmers, Diffusers
  • Essential oils
  • Fragranced products for around the home
  • On the go fragrances
  • Kiddies scented product range
  • Fragranced household products
  • Scented bath and body care


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How To Make Money With Scentsy

To join Scentsy you first need a Sponsor and then you can join as a distributor or ‘Scentsy Consultant’ and buy a starter kit and there is a choice of two different starter kits to choose from:

The Esentsial Kit – which is $49 plus shipping and contains:

  • A Wax Warmer
  • 80+scented fragrance testers
  • Catalogs
  • Order forms and business tools
  • Personal Scentsy Website

Standard Starter Kit – Costs $99 plus shipping and includes:

  • A best-selling warmer
  • 80+ scent testers
  • Sell Scentsy online with a personal website
  • Product samples
  • Lots of business tools
  • Exclusive gift

Each starter kit includes the hosting cost of your website for the first three months then that is an extra $10 per month.

Once you have your Starter Kit you can then organise parties and invite all your family and friends to them and can start to earn commission.

If you are looking to try to earn a full-time living with Scentsy as a business then you will also need to start recruiting other distributors to be part of your team.

all-inclusive paid trips

Scentsy Compensation Plan

Scentsy Consultants can earn 20 – 36% commissions plus bonuses on all the Personal Retail Volume of all their personal sales. PRV is based on the point value of all the commissionable products that you sell and each product has its own value.

To qualify for any commissions you must generate at least 200 PVR sales resulting in at least one month within any three-month period.

There are a number of different rank levels that you can work towards achieving by making personal sales and recruiting others who also do this and the ranks are:

  • Certified Consultant
  • Lead Consultant
  • Star Consultant
  • Superstar Consultant
  • Director
  • Star Director
  • Superstar Director

You can then earn:

  • 20% on the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV)
  • 25% on PRV on further sales
  • Up to 9% bonus on your personal wholesale sales
  • Extra 5% bonus if your sales exceed 2,000 PRV in a month
  • Bonuses based on your downlines sales.

As you can see from the compensation plan below you earn more bonuses therefore commissions when you recruit other active distributors.

Scentsy Compensation plan

Scentsy also offer incentive trips to different parts of the world and all distributors are eligible to try to earn enough points to qualify for them. These are fully paid trips and you can qualify by meeting all the requirements which are related to sales, personal promotions, sponsoring efforts and rank achieved. 2019 Incentive Trip Qualification Requirements


The Good Things About Scentsy

Good Products

Scentsy is a pretty well-known brand and they do produce some good quality products that smell really nice plus the range of products available is quite extensive and cover things the whole family would like and have in the home.


Anyone that hosts a Scentsy party can also qualify for rewards in the such as discounted products when the party yields a certain amount of sales.

There is also the Scentsy Club which is basically a loyalty program that retail customers can join to qualify for a variety of different perks.

There is also the chance for distributors to qualify for an all-inclusive trip each year if they can meet the required targets,

Give Back To Society

I also like the fact that Scentsy donate a lot of money to charitable causes through their foundation program rather than just pay their shareholders all the profit.

The Not So Good Things About Scentsy

Commission Plan

As you can see from the above compensation plan and commission payments, if you are only a distributor you can only earn up to 36% commissions on your personal sales.

To be able to qualify for any of the all-inclusive trips you need to reach the high recruiting and sales targets as well as train your team to achieve them too.

Recruit & Duplicate

To be able to earn an income that you could live off you would need to both make personal sales and recruit other distributors then train them so that they also meet the required sales target for each rank level.

Limited Success Rate

If you look Income disclosure below the average annual commissions is only $1,646 which is less than $140 a month.

payment proof 2016


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Is Scentsy A Scam?

No, Scentsy is definitely not a scam and they do sell some really good products, the problem is that all these products are easily accessible either from shops or other websites online.

Consumers can even now buy any of the Scentsy and qualify for great discounts and perks if they join the Scentsy Club and buy directly from the company.

As I mentioned in my Be Young review party planning and direct selling really is an out-dated way of selling products and most people these days shop online so that they can see the different options available and therefore can choose the best priced product for their needs.

So while Scentsy do offer some really nice products I would not recommend that anyone got involved with the company as a business opportunity.

If you have any comments or questions about this review then please do leave them below as I’d love to hear from you.

If you are interested in learning how to start your own business that could give you financial freedom, then make sure you visit the link below.

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