Is ClickMagick The Click Tracking Software All Online Marketers Need?

I recently came across ClickMagick the click tracking software, which looked like an ideal low cost option to keep track of all your marketing links in one place. Plus they have a great Free Tracking Guide tracking guide that most marketers new to tracking will find pretty helpful!

As an ardent online marketer who is always on the lookout for new software solutions to make my life easier, I decided to fully investigate the platform and below is my personal review of ClickMagick.


Is The Click Tracking Software All Online Marketers Need ClickMagick?

ClickMagick OverView

  • Name: ClickMagick
  • Website:
  • Founder: Patrick Kelly
  • Cost: 14 Day Free Trial then choice of 3 different plans for $17, $47 & $97.
  • Money Back Guarantee – Yes


What Is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a click tracking and marketing optimization platform that could be highly useful for every entrepreneur, social media marketer and affiliate marketer in the pursuit of increasing their online profits.

It is a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate and is suitable for both the newbie internet marketer and veteran alike.

It is the brainchild of Patrick Kelly the CEO and Founder, who is a highly experienced marketer that prior to launching the software had generated over $20 million in revenue online.

The ClickMagick team is a small group of ten marketers including three who are also developers and their mission is to build “the most kick-ass click tracking and marketing optimization platform on the planet.”

ClickMagick Features

ClickMagick is the tool of choice for thousands of internet marketers and has a wide variety of awesome features with over 120 different options and settings.

ClickMagick is 100% cloud based therefore is a lightening fast tracking software that is both reliable and easy to use.

It will enable you to not only track your links and all organic traffic; but also your revenue, costs, profit and ROI from every single type of advertising that you do online.

Some of the highlighted features of ClickMagick are listed below:

  1. Link Cloaking – ideal for long ugly affiliate links
  2. 24/7 link Uptime Monitoring – for all your links with notifications.
  3. Bot Filtering & Click Fraud Monitoring – to ensure that your stats are realistic.
  4. Advanced Geo targeting & Mobile Optimization – send your visitors to the pages you choose.
  5. Conversion Tracking – for all types of links
  6. A/B Split Testing – with alert notifications via text or email
  7. Multi-Mode Link Rotators – allowing you to send visitors to different landing pages.
  8. Different Link Additions – Include pop-ups, notification bars, countdown timers & retargeting pixels.
  9. Dynamic Affiliate Links – deep link to any chosen page
  10. Advanced Postback URL Tracking – easy conversion tracking without modifying confirmation or thank-you pages
  11. Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing – automatically generate customized links
  12. Facebook Sharing – Generate your own customised title, description & image
  13. Google Analytic Compatible – integrates with all Google analytics for your Adwords tracking
  14. Detailed Up-to-date Statistics – all available on an easy to navigate dashboard.
  15. Import and Export Capabilities – for all your data and statistics


Is The Click Tracking Software All Online Marketers Need ClickMagick?


ClickMagick Support & Training

You can contact the dedicated support team directly via the help desk for a reply within the hour, or the ticket system for less urgent queries.

ClickMagick has a comprehensive and easily searcheable knowledge base and video tutorial library that covers all the different aspects of the platform and it is being constantly updated.

There is also an excellent Free Tracking Guide that provides an introduction to click tracking and conversion optimization for entrepreneurs and small business owners that are new to click tracking.


Tracking Magick – The 1-Hour Guide To Click Tracking


ClickMagick offers a FREE 14-day trial and a choice of three different plans and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your chosen plan at any time.

Starter Plan is $17 per month and includes all the core features of the platform plus:

  • one tracking funnel
  • two custom tracking domains
  • ability to track up to 10,000 clicks per month
  • 6 month data retention
  • 1-hour support

Standard Plan is $47 per month and includes all the core features plus:

  • Up to 100,000 clicks /mo.
  • 5 Tracking Funnel
  • Organic Tracking for 5 different websites
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • 1 year data retention

Pro Plan is $97 per month and includes all core features plus

  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
  • Funnel Tracking – Unlimited
  • Organic Tracking – Unlimited
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • 2 year data retention
  • 1-hour support

There are also yearly plans that will allow you to save 30% of the overall cost which means that the popular Standard Plan would work out at only $33 per month.

ClickMagick promises that there are no cancellation fees or minimum terms required and all plans start with the Free 14 day Trial.



There are numerous text and video testimonials from individual online marketers and advertising agencies saying how much ClickMagick has helped them not only maximize their revenue but also avoided wasting money too.


ClickMagick Affiliate Program

ClickMagick also offers a highly lucrative affiliate program for the avid affiliate marketer with a dedicated affiliate center that has an easy to navigate dashboard.

It is totally free to join as an affiliate you will earn 100% of your referrals first monthly payments then 35% of any further monthly payments.

If your referral decides to select one of the discounted yearly plans then you will earn 35% commission of the price paid upfront. Therefore, if they decided to go for the annual Pro Plan you would earn $278.95 instantly.

There is a minimum commission payout of $50 and all payments are made after a 14-day lag time to allow for any refunds. All commissions are paid out daily via PayPal MassPay which means that you do not incur any fees.

There are a number of FAQ’s and promotional material such as links, banners ads and pre-written promotional emails along with sections covering email signatures and solo ads to help increase your sales.


ClickMagick is an affordable click tracking software that would be an asset to any online marketer and though it does take a little time to get your bearings on the platform there is a wealth of comprehensive training that is easily accessible.

This means that the tools can easily be used by both experienced marketers and those of you just starting out and the The 1-Hour Guide To Click Tracking is perfect for the beginners.

As Ive already mentioned there is a Free 14 Day Trial and I highly recommend that take advantage of it to give the software a try as there is nothing to lose from doing so.

If you have any comments or questions then please don’t hesitate to leave them below and I’ll respond to them just as soon as I can.

Happy Tracking! 🙂


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