How To Use Trello For Content Creation Organisation

There are many different tasks that you need to carry out in the daily running of your online business and creating your own website content, is one of the most time-consuming ones.

Learning how to use Trello for content creation organisation is a great way of keeping track of the process.

Recently I shared with you some easy steps to follow when creating content for a website and suggested that if you did each step for several posts at the same time, how it would save you valuable time therefore allowing you to be a lot more efficient in your content creation.

So now I just want to show you how to use Trello for easily keeping track of where you are in the different steps involved in the process of creating multiple pieces of content.


How To Use Trello

Getting Started With Trello

If you haven’t already then go and join Trello and create your free account, there are two paid upgrades available but the free version offers you everything that you need as an individual online business.

With the free account you can create unlimited boards, lists and cards as well as attach files up to 10MB from Google Drive, your Dropbox or OneDrive.

Once you have your account set up you can go and create your first boards and there is a ‘Welcome Board’ to show you how the process works if you need it, but it is really easy to use.


How to use trello for content creation organization

How To Use Trello For Content Organization

So we need to set up a board for our content creation organization and you can choose either a plain coloured background or a photo from the library, if you want to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

It is entirely up to you how many lists you make or what you name them but below are some of the steps that you need to be doing when creating content.

  • Different blog ideas
  • find good relevant keywords
  • create initial layout with main topic headings and research notes
  • write the content
  • find and insert images
  • Insert internal/external links and a CTA
  • Publish
  • Share on Social Media

Once you have your individual lists set up you can just add cards to them for each of the blogs that you are going to create.

If you click on an individual card you can also put in a more detailed description along with any comments that you want to make.


Trello extra comments


You can either create a new card for each blog post or just move each of your cards along to the next list until you reach the end of the steps that you need to take in your content creation.


Final Thoughts…

As you can see using Trello is really easy and it is a great little tool to help keep all your different tasks organized throughout your working day.

I use this great free tool everyday both for all my personal projects and when completing tasks for clients or collaborating with others that I work with.

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide and that it has given you some fresh ideas on how to use Trello to make your work processes more efficient.

If you do have any questions on how to use Trello please don’t hesitate to leave them below and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.





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