How To Stop Dreaming And Start Doing…

sitting-dreaming Do you constantly dream of having a different kind of life?  Well now is the time to start learning how to stop dreaming and start doing, rather then constantly telling yourself that soon you will look at starting to do something in order to change your circumstances for the better.

It doesn’t matter whether you dream of leaving the job you hate and starting your own business.  Long to go travelling or move to a different country where you can have a better standard of living. Want to start exercising regularly and having a healthier lifestyle, or simply make changes so that you are able to have more quality time with your family.

If you really want to make any positive changes in your life then you must learn how to stop dreaming and start doing now. You can dream forever about the kind of life or type of work that would make you happy, but if you never take any actions towards making it happen it will always be nothing more that a dream.

How To Stop Dreaming And Start Doing

To make positive changes you will first need to take the time to sit down and make detailed notes of the specific things that you want to change in your life, list the reasons why you want to and then work out exactly what you would need to do to make them a reality.

If you don’t have a plan for your life then someone else does

You can totally change your life if you desire to, but you do need to be realistic in the things you would need to do and the time it will take to achieve them.

So first you need to write a detailed plan of everything you need to do in order to achieve your goals and then break this down into smaller goals.

If you initially have things you need to complete which are easily achievable, you are more likely to start taking the necessary action to completing them.

planning a trip

Procrastination – The Killer of Dreams

One of the most common reasons that many people do not take the necessary actions needed to follow their dreams or reach their full potential is due to procrastination.

You can have an abundance of goals and dreams many of which are realistically achievable, but it’s the practice of constantly putting of the actions to achieve them that make these dreams constantly unobtainable.

Definition of Procrastinate: to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost. To put something off till tomorrow…

When it comes to actually doing the tasks or actions that you know you need to complete, have you ever found yourself delaying due to one of the following excuses or something similar?

– I’ll do it later

– I’ll get started on that tomorrow

– I don’t know where to begin

– I don’t really have the time at the moment

– I don’t have the money at the moment

another time

The act of procrastination can wreak havoc with your life and what you are capable of achieving and we need to realise that it’s our TIME and not money that is our single greatest asset.

You wouldn’t even consider throwing away a single Dollar, yet we throw away hours if not years of our lives through constantly postponing actions.

If you are guilty of this then it is time to come to terms with this terrible habit and nip it in the bud once and for all if you want to make your dreams a reality.

You need to start gathering your willpower and stop procrastinating! – Have a read of this Forbes article ‘Take Action To Start Accomplishing Your Goals In Life

Why Are We Not Making Changes

First we need to identify the reason or reasons why we are procrastinating and these will be different for each of us, however the main reasons usually are:

  • Fear of Failure – You need to stop thinking about all the ways your plan could fail and of the consequences of failing. A failure is just another lesson learnt on your path towards succeeding.

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.  -Paulo Coelho

  • Lack of self-discipline – The act of being able to discipline yourself to form good habits which will lead you in the right direction on the path of actions to success.

With self-discipline most anything is possible. – Theodore Roosevelt

  • Fear of Success – This is actually one of the biggest reasons that people procrastinate, because with success come responsibility and it is this that many people fear.

“I‘d be frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given. I’d be more frightened by procrastination and laziness. – Denzel Washington

So spend some time and think about what the reasons are that are preventing you from taking the actions required to achieve your goals and remember dreams are realized when you just say to yourself…

“Maybe the timing isn’t perfect, but when is it ever perfect?”

“Maybe I don’t have all the money I should have had, but I’ll find a way to make it work anyway.”

“Maybe I am afraid, but if I just get in there and get started, my fears will subside.”

Start to take action TODAY not tomorrow…

The Small Achievements Matter

Make sure you take time to congratulate yourself and feel good about every single accomplishment you make however small, reward yourself for every goal you reach – be proud of yourself because you have earned it!


That feeling of success and achievement will then fuel your desire to go on and obtain those bigger and better goals.

You will want to be the best you can be at whatever you do and will do what it takes to get there and guess what – You can do it!!!

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. -Confucius

So if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur or have a burning desire to change some aspect of your life start taking action towards achieving it today. This may mean that you have to learn a whole new set of skills but the sooner you get started on achieving your goals the quicker that dream will become a reality.

My personal dream has always been to be able to work wherever I wanted, so I had to learn the skills that would enable me to work online and have a successful online business. Your dream may be similar or something completely different that is important to you.

I hope you liked this post and that it motivated you into taking action, if you have any comments then please do leave them below as I’d love to hear from you…


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