How To Start An Essential Oil Business That Will Keep Making You Money

Why Is everyone talking about how to start an essential oil business on social media these days? Basically because the essential oils business is booming and an increasing number of people have realised that it can be a great option to help bring in some extra cash.

You may have already considered essential oils as a way to make yourself some extra money, or have recently been approached by someone from one of the companies that are constantly trying to recruit more people into their sales networks.

However if you are anything like me though, you will probably be wondering just how do you start an essential oil business that will keep making you money, in a niche that is already highly sought after and has a huge amount of competition.

How To Start An Essential Oil Business That Will Keep Making You Money


The Essential Oils Business

The wellness niche has always been a highly popular one and essential oils are constantly becoming in demand as more people are getting fed up with ever rising medical bills and are also starting to realise that prescription drugs are not always the best option.

They are therefore looking for cost effective natural ways to cure common ailments such as anxiety, stress, eczema, colds along with many others.

Also there is an increasing awareness of just how bad the chemicals in personal care products, cleaning materials, pet care and insects repellents are not only for ourselves and furry friends, but also for the environment as a whole.

As the demand for essential oils is increasing so are the number of companies that are joining the ranks of the essential oil business providing a huge variety of essential oils, paraphernalia, natural products, recipes, books and classes.

You only have to look on Pinterest to see just how many people are pinning products or recipes that contain essential oils from their websites. And USA Today states that as of April this year, the hashtag #essentialoils had been used over 4.2 million times on Instagram.

The Essential Oils Market is estimated to be worth 11.19 Billion USD by 2022 with aromatherapy being forecasted as the being the fastest growing between now and then.


Essential Oil Products

How To Start An Essential Oil Business

So do you have a passion for essential oils and would love to know how to start a business around them without having to harass your family and friends with constant party plan invites or Facebook posts in their news feeds advertising your products.

The answer is to build yourself a website and create an online presence, so that you can reach out to all the people around the world that genuinely have an interest in them too.

Now there are already a multitude of websites selling essential oils and their related products, so before you start yours you will need to do some research and brainstorming to choose your unique angle or niche within the essential oils business.

You may want to create a mindmap to help you in the process of coming up with a unique angle as this is an excellent way to visually brainstorm and is often used to unleash creative thoughts and ideas.

Once you have chosen your angle then you will also want to look at the different types of products that you could sell or promote that are related to it .

Next you will want to research some content ideas that you are going to write about and there are multitudes to choose from as even though essential oils have been used for thousands of years in some cultures, many people in the western world still don’t know that much about them.

So to recap to get started you will need to:

  1. Choose your mini niche/angle
  2. Research to see the types of products that you could sell or promote
  3. Create a website
  4. Come up with a list of relevant content ideas



Create An Essential Oil Business


Traffic Means Potential Customers

Once you have your website set-up and you have a list of content ideas you will probably be eager to start writing all your thoughts down to share to your prospective audience.

Before you do so though there is one important step you need to take in order to generate traffic to each of your future posts and that is keyword research.

Keyword research is an essential part of creating content and choosing the right keywords will have an effect on how well each of your posts rank within the search engines so that your potential audience finds them first.

There are some really high traffic keywords related to the essential oils business and you will just need to use a powerful keyword research tool and sort through to find the ones with the least amount of competition.

keyword research




Ways To Make Money With Essential Oils

You have a few different options when it comes to how you are going to make money with essential oils, you can join one of the many networking companies, source wholesalers and buy products from them to sell or look for one of the many relevant affiliate programs.

Some of the main players in the networking/MLM sector of the essential oils business are below, though if you do a Google search you will find quite a few others.

These companies do have some pretty decent products, however they are all networking/MLM companies which means not only will you have to pay a fee to join them and be able to buy their products, there is also a big emphasis on recruiting others into the business in order to increase your earnings.

Personally I prefer to use affiliate marketing as a way to earn income from my websites as this way I do not need to invest any unnecessary money to promote them, have no stock to deal with and absolutely nothing to do with payments, refunds and unsatisfied customers.

All I do is direct my readers to the relevant product on a website using an affiliate link and the company takes care of the whole buying process if they decide to buy a product.

I did a quick search for you and some essential oils companies that have Affiliate Programs that I came across are below though please note I haven’t looked into the quality of their products or commission rates.

  • Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Barefut Affiliate Program
  • Jade Bloom Affiliate Program
  • Plant Therapy Affiliate Program
  • Bulk Apothecary Affiliate Program


Another awesome affiliate resource is Ultimate Bundles who are currently offering a Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle until May 2019.

This value for money bundle is valued at $567.48 and includes 22 eBooks, 4 eCourses, 6 printables, and 2 membership sites for a massive discount of 83% selling for only $47.

Click on the banner below to learn more about purchasing this great resource jam packed full of essential oils goodies.

HEOSB2018 text graphic 2

Are You Ready To Grab Your Slice Of The Action?

So are you ready to grab your slice of the booming essential oils business action?

If you look at all the business trend predictions then it is going to keep on rapidly growing for at least the next four years.

As I’ve said above it is already a pretty competitive niche so you will need to look for a unique angle and work around that. However just because there is a lot of competition out there do not let that put you off working towards making your mark within this highly lucrative business.

If you utilize all the tools at your disposal at Wealthy Affiliate and create some great content that can help your future readers, you will soon also be able to grab your slice of the action and build your own passive income streams.

Now is the time to get involved and start creating your online presence so that you can reap the benefits as it gets even more popular over the coming years.

Get started learning everything that you need to know to

build your own successful essential oils business today!

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