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Are you thinking about starting your own online business but need help with how to create content for a website?

Content writing software has come a long way over the years and there are now lots of different options but let me introduce you to ‘Site Content The ‘Ultimate Writing Platform

This awesome SEO optimized content processing platform is available to every member at Wealthy Affiliate no matter whether you are a Free starter member or have upgraded to Premium.

Site Content Platform


You don’t need to be a great writer to be successful online, but sometimes it does help to have a tool that will assist you in creating posts, that are both properly structured and grammatically correct and Site Content can do just that.

Plus, if you often procrastinate when it comes to creating new content or struggle to write enough words then this platform has some great features that can help, as you can set yourself specific goals that you want to reach over a period of time.



How to Create Content For A Website

The Site Content platform can be used to capture new ideas, create drafts as well as publish finished content directly to your website. It has a toolbar of useful features that are similar to those that you use within your WordPress site.

That’s not all though as the Site Content platform is now also connected to the Jaaxy SEO and keyword research tool which is another awesome feature available to Wealthy Affiliate members.

This means that when you have found your perfect keywords, you can save them directly to the Site Content platform in a new post all ready to write the content around them.

As you are creating your content the ‘Editor’ keeps track of how many words, paragraphs and headings that you have and also has an auto-save feature.

So you know how much you have created so far and never have to worry about loosing all your hard work as you are writing it, plus you can also go back to previous saved revisions if you need to.

Also you have the ability to create your own custom templates, which are a great tool for efficiency if you are regularly creating the same types of posts such as reviews.


Integrated Image Library

You need relevant images to be strategically placed within your content and searching the different free stock image sites to find the right ones can often take time, but the integrated image library within Site Content makes life so much easier.

You have at the click of a button access to an extensive stock image library with over 1,000,000 images available to use within your posts.

When you are ready to start adding images within your written text you just click on the little image icon and you are given three different choices.

  1. Insert an image from search
  2. Choose an image you have recently used
  3. Upload your own image

If you want to search for a new image then you just enter the subject of your choice and  automatically a huge variety of beautiful high resoloution images come up for you to choose from.

Any image that you want to use can then be cropped and inserted within your content exactly as you choose.

integrated image library

SEO Optimized Platform

When you have created your ‘masterpiece’ and added your images the publish feature within the Site Content platform allows you to choose whether you want it as a page or post, the website that you want to publish your content along with and the name of the author.

An integrated SEO feature then scans all other content across the web to check that your content is unique before publishing it onto your website. Having unique content is very important if you you want the search engines to index it and get a decent ranking.

Talking of having your content indexed, you also get an email  notification from Site Content when your recently published content has been found and indexed by Google.



Organization is essential when you are creating lots of different content for all your websites and within the platform is the Bucket feature which allows you to create different categories of buckets so that you can save all your related articles in the same place.

Site Content Gets My Vote..

I have often used Microsoft word and Google docs for creating specific articles but I am now tending to utilize the awesome features of the Site Content platform more often.

As you can see this is an excellent SEO optimized platform with some really useful features, that can motivate you to write more content on a regular basis and keep it all organized in one place.

We all know that Google favors original content that is properly structured and has a good use of grammar and the Site Content platform can assist you in creating that, plus let you know when it has been indexed.

The extensive image library within the platform is a massive time saver as there is no longer any need to scour all the individual stock image sites for that perfect picture.

Plus the fact that this platform is now connected with the Jaaxy keyword tool is another great aspect and is also just one of the many reasons that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Hope you found this post useful and that you come and try out this awesome platform, if you have any questions whatsoever or would just like to leave a comment please do below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

My No 1. Recommendation


Editors Note: This post was originally written Nov 2017 and has been updated for accuracy as the platform has since been improved.

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