How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost? – Can You Afford Not To Try It?

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost if you want to use everything that this comprehensive platform has to offer in order to change your current circumstances and build a successful online business which will ultimately result in a better future?



Wealthy Affiliate Is Free To Join!

If you have read any of mine posts or those of any other member of Wealthy Affiliate you will no doubt notice that we all make a point of emphasizing that Wealthy Affiliate is totally free to join as a Starter Member.

Why do we make a point of putting this across?

The reason is first simply because it is totally true and we all like free things. I know I like to try things for free whenever I can before I have to make a commitment and I think that most people are of the same opinion.

Also, because many people are afraid to give something new a try online, as there are so many bogus opportunities advertised on the internet every single day that are just after your money.

If you are anything like me you have already looked at other opportunities that could help you earn extra cash or to be able to build a lucrative business around. You may have already been stung by one of the many scams on the internet today and it cost you money.

I know I personally have wasted a lot of time and some money in the past on so called opportunities that promised to help me build a successful online business and ended up with nothing but total frustration with absolutely nothing positive to show from them.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few all-inclusive marketing platforms that lets you not only try everything there for free, but also gives you two free websites with the necessary training to start your new online business on without having to pay anything.

This means that there is no risk of losing your hard-earned cash and you are under no obligation whatsoever to upgrade to the Premium membership. Though many members like me do decide that the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is well worth the money! 🙂

As a Free Starter Member you are actually getting some valuable training, expert help and support from experienced marketers for absolutely nothing.

Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place for anyone who is new to internet marketing and wants access to expert training and help to achieve their goals.


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So How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

With your Free Starter Membership you get:

  • Two Free Websites
  • Access To An Easy To Use Sitebuilder
  • Step by step tutorials to guide you through the process
  • Secure Site Hosting on SiteRubix platform
  • Level one of the Entrepreneur Course
  • Phase One of the Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Access To 2 Of The Classrooms
  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • Site Content – The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Ability To read all other member’s informational blog posts
  • Access To Live Chat for 7 days
  • One on One Coaching for 7 days
  • Ability To Earn While You Learn

So as you can see you get access to quite a lot when you join as a Free Starter Member plus if you decide you do want to upgrade you can get a special price of only $19 for the first month.

If you then decide that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for you to continue your new online journey it costs just $49 for each subsequent month which is less than you would pay for a cup of coffee a day!

Now as a coffee lover, I’m not saying that you should forgo your daily coffee – I know that I couldn’t but think about whether you really need to buy one from a cafe or all the other things that you regularly waste money on that you could easily cut back on or do without.

It’s fairly easy to see that the money would be a lot better spent on helping you to build a brighter future that you could enjoy!



What do you get as a Premium Member?Access To All Classrooms

  • Access To All 5 Levels Of The Entrepreneur Certificate
  • All to all 7 Phases of The Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Live Webinars each week plus a library full of replays
  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Unlimited Private Messaging
  • One on One Coaching
  • Access To The Owners Kyle & Carson
  • Ability to host 50 Websites
  • Full Website Security, Back-up and Technical Support
  • Website Analysis
  • Website Feedback & Comments
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Site Rank Analysis
  • Access To All Jaaxy Features
  • Earn While You Learn



Are There Any Upsells At Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to host a website with your own domain name then yes you will need to purchase one, however you can do this at Wealthy Affiliate for only $13-15 per year or if you choose you can go elsewhere to buy it – it is entirely up to you!

If you want to just host one website or build an online empire and host 50 there is no additional cost as this is included within your Premium Membership – you would just need to buy the domains 25 of those sites. (The other 25 would be hosted on free domains). The free ones can still generate massive amount of traffic!

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM

Now some MLM marketers seem to be making a big issue out of the fact that we at Wealthy Affiliate do make a point of emphasizing that it is free to join, though the free membership only gives you limited access to everything that the Wealthy Affiliate platform offers.

You can actually get everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers for no cost to yourself if you utilize their great affiliate program and recruit other people as you can earn a recurring monthly commission whenever they upgrade to Premium and you don’t even need to use your own website to do it.

I know that many people are saying that they are making a great living with MLM, I’m not going to dispute that fact or go into my opinions as each marketer to their own, but I just do not like the whole MLM concept .

All I will say is how many MLM opportunities have you come across that cost you nothing to start and don’t have numerous expensive hidden upsells that you are constantly encouraged to invest in?



Can You Afford Not To Try Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate can be a valuable asset to anyone that wants to build a successful online business and as I’ve already said because it is free to join you have absolutely nothing to lose.

If you do decide to upgrade then the first month Premium is only $19 then monthly membership is just $49 per month a month or if you go yearly less than $1 per day,

If you do want to change your circumstances then there is no better way than building an online business that you can be proud of. Don’t worry that there are so many other people that are already making a living online, there is enough room for everyone to be able to have a lucrative online business. As the owner Kyle says “There Is Too Much Opportunity Online, Not Too Little”

You just have to be prepared to put in the work and stay motivated – but the community at Wealthy Affiliate can help with the motivation part too!

Come and join the Wealthy Affiliate community today and I’ll be there to help you on your new venture.

Speak soon 🙂


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