Choosing The Best Place To Buy Domains & Things To Consider…

Choosing the best place to buy domains is one of the things that everyone creating a website needs to look at. When you buy a domain you are purchasing an asset that will not only help your website to rank better within the search engines, but can also increase in value as you build out on the framework of your website.

So buying the right domain name is an important starting point of building your first online business and personal brand and there are things that you should consider before doing so.


Choosing The Best Place To Buy Domains


Things To Consider Before Buying A Domain Name

You want to choose a domain name that not only makes sense for your business but is memorable and also easy to spell. If you would like to have a keyword rich domain name then make sure you do your research using a tool like Jaaxy SEO and Keyword tool.

Stay away from domain names with hyphens or numbers as they really aren’t a good choice as can look untidy or be confusing to remember. Ideally you want to choose domain as most people automatically expect a website to end but there are other extensions that might make sense for your particular business.

If you think an extension other might be a better choice for you then have a read of this article How To Decide Which Domain Extension Is Right For You.



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Personal Domain Names

Whenever people think of buying a domain name they automatically think of buying a brand name for their business and look for the ideal solutions that are available for their type of niche. Or they research the keyword rich domains in the hope of finding one that will increase their website ranking within the search engines.

The one domain area that many people neglect to think about is buying their own personal domain names. Remember if you own a domain name you are in total control of it and no one else can then buy it and you can either use it now for a personally branded website or hold onto it as a personal asset to use at a later date.
Here is an article from Fizzle to show you 8 Great Examples of Personal Domain Names in Action

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Choosing The Best Place To Buy A Domain

There are many different places where you can buy a domain name and they come in a range of prices, though the average cost of a domain is normally between ten to fifteen dollars.

When you are buying a domain you will be given a number of time options that you want to register it for and they are normally one, three and five years and I normally just go for one year and turn on the auto-renewal option.

Make sure that you not only look at the initial price of registering the domain, but also the renewal price as some companies will increase the cost. Look out for other price adds-on such as privacy and domain protection, email accounts and SSL certificate as while some companies include these in the price, others add them to the final price.

Below are a selection of options that you might want to consider when choosing the best place to buy a domain.

GoDaddy is one of the largest and well known registrars with over 17.5 million satisfied customers.and has a huge selection of over 76 million domains  starting at only $0.99 per year. You can search for up to 500 domains along with a variety of domain extensions such as .com, .net and .org at one time with their bulk search tool.  Read More…

Fat Cow
Fat Cow offers cheap options for those on a shoestring budget with an entire website package, including hosting and domain names combined starting at only $4.08 per month. Read More…

HostGator is one of the largest and oldest hosting platforms that offers very cheap hosting plans and has thousands of domains available, as well as a selection of TLD’s Read More…

Google Domains
Domains from $12 per year along with a range of Top Level Domains – Prices include Whois privacy, domain and sub domain forwarding, email forwarding and Google name servers with 10 million DNS resolutions per year Read More…

Sedo is a marketplace that specialises in Top Level domains and has over 18 million domains with prices ranging from around $100 to several thousands of dollars. Well worth taking a look at if you want a unique domain name or are building a domain portfolio. Read More…

Namecheap is a very popular website that offers very cheap domain names from as little as $0.88 for the year and you get Free Whois protection for the 1st yr with all domains. They also have a page dedicated to unique top level domains at very affordable prices. Read more…

Domain names for just 88 cents!

iPage are known for their incredibly low priced hosting packages that start at only $1.99 per month and as part of the package they throw in for free a year’s domain registration. Making them an awesome bargain option for those on very tight budgets. Read More…

Wealthy Affiliate
Members of Wealthy Affiliate can buy domains for as little as $13.99 with no up-sells ever and that price includes email accounts, WHOIS protection/privacy, Domain security, Advanced DNS automation and management are all included. Read More…

domain search
Read about all the other awesome benefits of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate

Snapnames is a highly popular domains name ‘market place’ with over three million customers. that deals with over 30 million domains a year. They hold regular auctions, private brokerage of domains, and buy-it-now listings for buying and selling domain names. If you desperately want a particular domain name that somebody else is already using you can even put it on back order in case the user decides not to renew it. Read More…

Flippa is known as the entrepreneurs market place with over 700000 Buyers and Sellers dealing in domains, websites and apps. They do offer a budget solution to buying a domain as you can often find the perfect domain name to buy on Flippa for only a few dollars and they usually have 1000s of domains for sale. Read More…

Buying And Selling Domains

Domain names are becoming hot commodities in today’s tech orientated world and there are many people who are doing their domain research and building their personal domain portfolio’s, by buying up domain names that could become an extremely valuable asset in the future. Growing a quality domain portfolio does take time but it can be just as valuable as having a real estate portfolio.

There are more and more people creating a lucrative side-hustle with the buying and selling of domains on a regular basis and you can find out more in the video below.


Final Thoughts…

If you are looking to buy your first domain name then do your homework first and please make sure that you actually chose a domain name that is spelled properly!  You will be amazed at the amount of times I have heard of newbies buying a domain name that was either incorrect or made no sense whatsoever.

When chosing the best place to buy a domain name do check what is included within the price, as all too often the domains that look like they are a real bargain, can often end up not being so when you get the final bill with all the extras.

Finally, if you are thinking of buying domain names to sell at a profit then remember that while you could have a lucrative side-hustle, like any investment there is a risk involved and you could end out-of-pocket.

If you have any comments or questions then please do leave them in the box below as I’d love to hear from you…

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