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Hi,  I’m Emma an independent location female and having an online business is something that I Emma aka Independent Divalove as it has given me the freedom to work absolutely anywhere in the world that I want to.

Not only am I not tied down to being at someone else’s place of work, but I can schedule my work hours around the things that matter most to me in my life.

I first got involved with the world of internet marketing in 2012 and after making a lot of wrong choices I finally found the right path to follow until I could finally earn enough to have the laptop lifestyle I’d always dreamed of having.

Now I strive to help others who also want to be able to have the freedom that an online business can bring them…

My Story

I originally started traveling the world over twenty years ago, when I first developed an unquenchable thirst to visit as many places and experience as many different cultures as possible.

Over the years I have tried to settle down for periods of time and confirm to society, by holding down a job with great career prospects, but was never really been happy doing it and I eventually packed my bags and left the U.K. for good.

I have never been afraid of working hard and putting in the time and effort, but I’ve just always wanted the freedom to be able to work when and wherever I wanted and not have to be stuck in the same place day in day out doing a regular 9-6 job.

I heard about how people were making money by working online doing internet marketing so decided to look into this. I did have a little initial success to start with, but as I had very little proper guidance or support I also made quite a few wrong choices.

I was told that I was crazy by my family and friends and that I should just get a normal job working for someone else.

But I’ve always been just that little bit stubborn and thought why should I work my butt off to help someone else build their dream and refused to believe that I could not create the location independent lifestyle that I’d always wanted.

island life


Others Were Able To…

So I kept on searching for the right path to follow and finally after a lot of researching I found out how others were using a certain well-established platform to be able to legitimately make a living with affiliate marketing.

All the lessons, support and expert guidance that you needed were there in one place, if you were willing to dedicate the time and take advantage of them. I decided that if all these people could be successful using these methods then so could I.

So that was when I joined Wealthy Affiliate and started to learn everything I could to help me have the independent lifestyle that I wanted.

I am now able to work online and to schedule my working hours around the things that are important to me as well as work in whichever place I choose, whether it’s on my sofa or in a beach cafe…


Why I Created ‘Independent Diva’

I know there are many of you out there who are fed up with your current job and sick of the daily commute to the same workplace day in day out.

Whether you would love to be able to travel the world or just dream of being able to work from home and have the ability to schedule your work hours around the things that matter most to you.

These are also the things that are important to me and probably the only thing that is still stopping most of you is not knowing how to being able to earn enough money to do them and this I why I want to help you.

I created this site so that I could help all you independent people out there that aspire to have your own successful online business, so that you can also have the freedom of choice to live your lives anywhere in the world.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, then feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the Best,


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